Finesco grew from the collaboration between experienced energy professionals who help you to realise your energy projects and advise you on the best way to integrate your energy projects into the energy market.

For projects aimed at reducing your overall energy cost, we work on the basis of the ESCO principle. An ESCO, or Energy Services Company, explores energy-saving investments in your industrial process or building, executes them and is even prepared to finance them. The energy savings realised are (partly) used to pay off the investment. Once paid off, the installation is yours to keep and the savings are yours to enjoy.

If you’re looking to produce your own renewable energy, we help you to design, build and finance the installation and to optimally integrate its production into the energy market. In a transparent manner, we help you to gain access to the day-ahead, intraday and balancing markets. And we advise you on the optimum sales and pricing strategy.

Finesco works with financially robust partners who are active in several branches of the energy industry and provide services in the field of project management, project development, electric mobility, the supply and balancing of energy, thereby paving the way for operating synergies. More importantly, these parties also have the funds at their disposal to invest in your energy project.

We foster enduring partnerships with our customers, where transparency and quality take centre stage and convergence of the various interests is facilitated inasmuch as possible. Experience has taught us that this is a sine qua non for the success of any innovative project.

For that reason, Finesco takes ownership of your and our projects throughout their lifetime, right from the identification phase, during engineering and implementation and throughout the operational phase.

We stand for quality, transparency, ownership, flexibility and partnership.

Wim Janssen