Your advantages

  1. You can bank on a team of experts with extensive experience in the various aspects of the energy industry: solar panels, cogeneration, storage of electrical energy in batteries, electric mobility...

  2. With a single point of contact, professional support in terms of project management, structuring, technical follow-up, energy contracting and energy sales you enjoy complete peace of mind.

  3. You see an immediate return, whether thanks to a reduction in your energy bills or because of the extra income you generate from the sale of your surplus energy.

  4. No outlay for you. If you like, we can cover the investment so that there isn’t any outlay for you, allowing you to spend your money on your core business instead.

  5. You reduce your CO2 emissions.

  6. Your plant becomes more efficient, your building more comfortable and more valuable into the bargain.

  7. You reduce your energy dependency. By reducing your energy consumption, generating energy locally or intelligently shifting your energy consumption, you become less dependent on both the energy market and the energy suppliers.