Your advantages

  1. An immediate return for you. You enjoy a part of the energy savings immediately, and at the end of the energy savings contract all the savings are for you.

  2. No cash out. As we pay for the investment, there is no cash out for you. This means that you can use your funds for your core business.

  3. You reduce your COemission.

  4. Single point of contact – we take care of everything for you! In a traditional process, you have to deal with several parties (auditor, engineering office, subcontractor, etc.) with the corresponding problems of interfacing, communication and follow-up. Our approach is different: we take ownership from start to finish and are always your single point of contact.

  5. Your installation becomes more efficient, your building becomes more comfortable and increases in value.

  6. You reduce your energy dependence. By reducing your energy consumption, through local production of energy or an intelligent shift of your energy consumption, you become more independent of the energy market and energy suppliers.